After medical examination, Joe Biden assures that “everything is very good”

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, underwent one physical examination in a suburban military hospital of Maryland on Wednesday, at a time when the 81-year-old president is seeking re-election in November.

Wearing a suit, Biden left the White House early Wednesday to take the test and returned a few hours later. When he returned, he told reporters that the results were no different from his exam the previous year.

“It’s no different than last year,” Biden told reporters of the results. “Everything is great.”

Doctors declared Biden healthy and “fit for duty” in the physical examination carried out last year, which included the removal of a wound on his chest and the determination that he had no symptoms of long-Covid after being infected with the virus in 2022.

“He continues to be able to carry out his duties and is performing all of his duties fully, without exceptions or accommodations,” White House physician Kevin O’Connor said.

The White House said it would release a written summary of the Democratic president’s routine annual physical exam later in the day.

This year’s medical exam comes as Biden and former Republican President Donald Trump, 77, They are preparing to face each other in a possible rematch in the presidential election On the 5th of November.

The two candidates have accused each other of mental decline. Trump’s rival for the Republican nomination, Nikki Haley, 52, said both were too old for the White House and should undergo cognitive testing.

In recent weeks, Joe Biden has been heavily criticized by Republicans questioned his sanity due to a series of mistakes and confusions.

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The latest case occurred in the middle of a speech in which the US President confused the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, with the President of Egypt.

Aside from that, Donald Trump has mocked the setbacks at various rallies that Biden has suffered multiple times.

Biden enjoys playing golf and cycling in his free time. But his verbal and physical stumbles raise questions about his age and his ability to meet the demands of being commander in chief.

With information from Reuters.


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