After all, why did Dharmendra have to eat stale bread at midnight?

Veteran Hindi cinema actor Dharmendra remains in the news for some reason. The actor is known not only for his excellent acting but also for his sense of humor. 88-year-old Dharmendra is also very active on social media and always shares something. Recently, Bollywood’s hero Dharmendra shared a picture on his social media which went viral as soon as it appeared.

In fact, Dharmendra shared his picture and said that he had to eat stale bread at midnight. Yes, in this picture the actor can also be seen holding stale bread in his hand. So what happened that the Heman of Bollywood has to eat stale bread at midnight? The actor also revealed that with the picture.

While sharing this picture, Dharmendra wrote, “It’s midnight… I can’t sleep.” Feeling hungry. Stale bread tastes delicious with butter. Hahaha. The actor looks very weak in this picture. In such a situation, fans also comment and ask about his condition and are worried about him.

However, as always, Dharmendra also taught a lesson from this post. He was trying to say that butter tastes delicious with stale bread. Therefore, you can also try it out.

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