Africa may become the next stronghold of ISIS, security expert warns UN

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  • IS making African youth hardcore
  • More than 20 countries are being used to raise money and other resources
  • Somalia remains an IS stronghold

UN News: African security expert Martin Evie warned the UN Security Council on Tuesday that the threat of the Islamic State terrorist organization in Africa is increasing every day and the continent could be the future of its caliphate. ISIS may build its next base in Africa.

Islamic State Activity in Africa

Martin Evie said that Islamic State has increased its influence in Africa and at least 20 countries are directly experiencing the activities of the terrorist organization. He pointed out that more than 20 other countries are being used to raise funds and other resources. “These are now regional strongholds, which have become a source of destabilization in Africa,” he said. However, many areas of the Sahel are now “uncontrolled” and Somalia remains an IS stronghold in Africa.

Many reasons for the success of IS

Avi cited several reasons for the success of IS in Africa, including the presence of natural resources that help organizations such as Daesh raise funds for themselves. In addition, poverty and the lack of political will to deal with the issue of Palestine are the main reasons for many African youth to become “hardcore”. UN counter-terrorism chief Vladimir Voronkov also warned the Security Council that the threat of Islamic State has been increasing since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. We have to take steps to stop it.

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