According to British intelligence, Russia will use immigration to destabilize Europe

Russia will use this immigration to destabilize them European countries. The British newspaper The Telegraph reveals this after consultation Intelligence documents this detail, that Russia becomes “a Border Police from 15,000 men founded by Militia members in Libya“, country where the Wagner group fought Civil War since at least 2019.

The Border Police warns that with the arrival of spring Russia could “strengthen” this. Migration movements.

“Yes you can check The Migration routes to Europemay check effectively the Choosebecause you could influence The public opinion at a crucial moment,” says an Anglo-Saxon security source consulted by the English newspaper.

On his part FrontexThe European Border and Coast Guard Agency ensures this Russia uses immigration “Like a weapon in a game of influence and pressure.” Additionally, warn them that the fact that the country chaired by Vladimir Putin can Mobilize immigrants towards the European bordersIt is one of the biggest security risks in 2024.

Accordingly Experts |Groups of mercenaryincluding the Wagner group Feed He migration phenomenon By the increased instability and that Violence in certain parts of Africathe said immigrants move towards Boundaries And supportive for the human traffickers in the zone.

Tensions between Russia and Western countries

The epiphany is framed in the context of a increasing tensions between Russia and the West. Putinin his annual speech of State of the Russian nation last Thursday and in Answer at accusations Who suggested this? Moscow wanted to launch an offensive against Europedefined it as “nonsenseAt the same time, he warned of the possible use of nuclear weapons if NATO sent troops to Ukraine and revealed that the country had “promising new weapons.” soon presented.

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Aside from that, remembered that the first Rockets intercontinental Sarmat (SS-X-30 Satan-2, according to NATO), viable 10-15 nuclear warheads They have already received individual advice delivered to the Russian army.

Migration figures in Spain

Spainfor his part a suffers Increase in migration for several years. In this case, 13,302 people entered our country irregularly in January and the first half of February. Specifically, they arrived irregularly in Spain by sea in January. 7,974 immigrantsaccording to data from Ministry of the Interior.

The increase Because according to experts Morocco would use hybrid warfare tactics similar to those Russia could use, against Spain. An example of this situation would be what happened 2021when 12,000 immigrants entered Ceuta in retaliation for being admitted to a hospital Logrono the leader of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali.

Aside from that, Frontex ensures that the biggest increase of immigrants last year came in the central Mediterranean route, with 380,000 peopleHe Highest value since 2016.

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