The Middle East is on the brink of the abyss… it’s time for maximum moderation: the UN

“Neither the region nor the world can afford further wars,” said the Secretary General of the U.N., Antonio Guterresby calling for “maximum restraint” at an emergency Security Council meeting convened after the drone and missile attack Iran to Israel.

The Middle East is on the edge of an abyss. People in the region face a real risk of widespread and devastating conflict. This is a time for de-escalation and de-escalation. “It is time to show maximum moderation,” he stressed.

“It is crucial to avoid actions that could lead to major military clashes on multiple fronts in the Middle East,” he added.

Neither the region nor the world can afford further wars,” he emphasized.

The Secretary General also reiterated his condemnation of the attack carried out by Iran against Israel on Saturday and denounced a “serious escalation.” At the same time, he again criticized the attack on the Iranian consulate Damascus on April 1 attributed to Israel and emphasized the “principle of inviolability” of diplomatic missions.

According to the Israeli military, Iran sent in “a swarm of 300 killer drones, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles” on Saturday night Israeli attack They claim to have been very frustrated.

Since the Iranian revolution of 1979, Israel has been the archenemy of the Islamic Republic.

But Tehran had previously refrained from attacking Israel head-on, and the two countries were accustomed to confronting each other through third parties, such as Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

The Iranian offensive, named “Honest promise” It is a response to the attack that destroyed the Iranian consulate in Damascus and claimed the lives of seven Revolutionary Guard members.

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Iran accused Israel this fact which he neither confirmed nor denied.

This attack came more than six months after the start of the Israeli-led offensive in the Gaza Strip against the Iran-backed Palestinian group Hamas, further ratcheting up tensions between the two warring countries.

Guterres again called for an “immediate ceasefire” on Sunday. Ribbon and the release of hostages taken by Hamas during its Oct. 7 attack on Israel that sparked the conflict in Palestinian territory.

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdanrequested this emergency meeting on Saturday and called on the Council to “unambiguously condemn Iran for this serious violation” and “to designate the Revolutionary Guard, the ideological army of the Islamic Republic, as a terrorist organization.”

“It is time for the Security Council to take concrete action against the Iranian threat,” he added in a letter to the Security Council Security Council.


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