Abhay Deol’s condition got so bad after ‘Dev D’ that he kept doing this job in New York for 1 year.

Abhay Deol's condition got so bad after 'Dev D' that he kept doing this job in New York for 1 year.

Actor Abhay Deol is under discussion these days. Abhay Deol is making headlines for his new web series Trial by Fire. This web series is based on the Uphaar cinema fire incident of 1997. In 1997 a fire broke out in a cinema hall in Delhi. This story will be released to the public through this web series. Abhay Deol is famous for the excellent acting of him. Although very few people know about his personal life. Recently, Abhay Deol has given an interview, in which he has made many revelations about his personal life.

In an interview with Mashable India, the actor told why he hated fame. Along with this, after shooting a movie, he also became addicted to daily alcohol consumption. In a recent interview, Abhay Deol said, “Because I grew up in a film family. I saw fame up close as a child. I didn’t like it because it takes away your privacy. So much about you. I really hated fame and the media, because growing up I saw a lot written about my family, wondering as a child, ‘Is it true, is it true?’ This made me angry.”

He continues: “Your father works in movies, your uncle is a big star. Obviously he is. Whatever was written about him, they asked me at school. I saw a lot of people in the family. I’ve looked around. They weren’t friends except for benefits.” Along with this, the actor also talked about his super-success Dev D. Abhay said that after playing the role of Dev D, he couldn’t get away from this character for almost a year. In those days he used to live in New York. Abhay said: “I couldn’t get out of the Dev D role that I did. So for a year I did what Dev D did in the movie. Although I was a little better than Dev. I wasn’t in ripped clothes on the streets. But I used to drink like crazy every day. I have made very good friends, so I remember some things.

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