Aarav sends Twinkle flowers, but her mom wants to apologize to her, do you know why?

Twinkle Khanna, who once displayed her acting prowess in Bollywood, has become an excellent writer. However, in real life, she plays the role of veteran actor Akshay Kumar’s wife and mother of his children Aarav and Nitara. In addition to her professional life, Twinkle also takes special care of her children. At the same time, she tries new ways to give them the experience of life.

Twinkle Khanna shared a beautiful video on her Instagram account on March 20, 2023, showing off the flower bouquets she received from Aarav. In this video, Twinkle was seen posing in front of the mirror with bouquets of flowers. During this, she Twinkle appeared wearing a brown top and blue pants. In addition to this, Twinkle also wrote a special note about her son Aarav. In this, she also mentioned about raising her children, etc. Also, she said that apart from giving her bouquets, Aarav should have apologized to her as well. She also wrote a caption on this post.

Twinkle Khanna wrote: ‘Yesterday my son sent me flowers. He was sure that on Mother’s Day he should have received a note along with the flowers. On this, Aarav should have written: ‘Thank you for supporting me in my teenage years. I apologize for your gray hair, expression lines and misplaced brain cells. What message would you write to your mother with your flowers?

Say that on December 10, 2022, Twinkle shared a video of her on her Instagram account. In this, Twinkle was seen wearing a red patterned swimsuit. She said that the video was filmed in England. Also, she wrote that Would Yeti be thinking about sunlight? Twinkle also said that hers son Aarav makes fun of her for wearing hot clothes and compares her to Yeti.

Twinkle Khanna

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