A priest and three parishioners were injured after an attack at a church in Sydney

A priest and three believers were injured in one A new attack occurred at a church in Sydneywhich led to clashes between community members distraught over the attack and police.

The incident came two days after a knife attack at a shopping center in the same city that left six people dead and the attacker, a 40-year-old man suffering from mental health problems, killed.

The suspect in the attack at the church is a 15-year-old teenager who was arrested after the incident that occurred during afternoon mass.

According to police, the injured include the priest who led the ceremony in this Eastern Christian rite church and three other people.

A live broadcast showed the attack. In the images, a man can be seen walking towards the altar with a knife raised and then attacking the priest, causing panic among parishioners.

In the video you can see several people rushing to help the religious.

Police said the suspect was taken to an unknown location after the attack led to violent incidents outside the church that left two police officers injured.

The clashes occurred when hundreds of community members tried to break through a barrier set up by riot police to reach the suspect.

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