6 “dark” stories in the history of the Oscars

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Strange things have happened at the Academy Awards over the years. That’s why we’re discussing the dark stories of the Oscars here.

Definitely, The Oscars are one of the most important and prestigious events in the world.. Everyone in the film industry (and even us mere mortals) wants to be a part of this ceremony and even take home a statuette honoring work and excellence in the seventh art.

However, there were quite unpleasant and even “dark” moments that made us think that we would be better off this way, without coming into contact with all these stars. And this is not a secret for anyone There were moments at the Hollywood Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards ceremony that made history for their fame and rarity..

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Let’s review some dark stories at the Oscars

And aside from the emotional speeches and iconic moments, everything happened at the Oscars. From mistakes in announcing winners to attacks and other shadier things.. In fact, many situations were seen that were not in the script.

Therefore Here, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to remember some of the “dark” moments and controversial stories that completely marred several of the Hollywood Academy Awards.. So sit down, make some popcorn and get comfortable because the gossip is going to be good.

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Marlon Brando turned down the Best Actor award in 1973

One of the first Oscars controversies occurred at the 1973 ceremony when Marlon Brando refused to accept his Best Actor award. for the role of Vito Corleone The Godfather. The actor rejected the recognition as a protest against the problem of the portrayal of Native Americans in cinema and Hollywood.

Not only was Brando absent from the ceremony, Instead, he sent Sacheen Littlefeather, a Native American activist and actress, to decline the award., which elicited a mixed reaction (mainly boos) from those in attendance. However, But the moment didn’t end there, because things got even more exciting backstage.

time after, Littlefeather stated that security guards stopped John Wayne because he tried to attack them.. On his part Clint Eastwood also made fun of her and Marlon Brando says that “would present (an) award on behalf of all the cowboys featured in all of John Ford’s Westerns over the years.” The speech this actress gave at the 1973 Academy Awards was respectful, which made the ridicule and danger she faced afterwards even more disturbing.

Adrien Brody kissed Halle Berry without consent at the 2003 Oscars

Just a year after winning the Oscar, Halle Berry returned to present the award for Best Actor. After Adrien Brody was announced as the winner for his role in The pianist, The actor went on stage very excited and at that moment he found it easy to kiss Berry as if nothing had happened, without prior notice or consent.

While Brody’s actions may be “justified,” despite all the euphoria after winning the most important prize an actor can win, The reality is that what happened surprised and confused Halle. In an interview with Andy Cohen in 2017, the actress said the following: “I thought, ‘What the hell is going on?!'”. And Adrien’s kiss wasn’t consensual and looking back, it was kind of inappropriate.. That’s why it’s gone down in history as one of the strangest and most shocking moments at the Oscars.

Roman Polanski won the Oscar for Best Director in 2003

Wow, 2003 was a dark year for the Oscars. As if Adrien Brody’s shocking moment with Halle Berry wasn’t enough, In the same edition of Hollywood’s highest ceremony, another moment occurred that left everyone open-mouthed.. The Academy is known to be reasonably correct and conservative, but it has made exceptions in the past, such as when it gave Roman Polanski the Best Director award.

Controversy surrounded the filmmaker following the tragic murder of his wife Sharon Tate. In 1977, after he was arrested for drug use and raping a young womanPolanski pleaded guilty to charges of unlawful sexual relations with a minor. However, before he could be sentenced, He fled to Paris to avoid prison. From abroad he continued his career as a director.

Finally, in 2003, the Academy nominated him for an Oscar for Best Director for The Pianist and in the end Roman Polanski kept the golden statuette, but was unable to accept it because he cannot return to the United States due to his problems with the law.. As you can imagine, things got a bit awkward.

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Although since then They expelled Polanski from the guild and created a code of conduct for its members after numerous allegations of sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry.the director’s victory made that clear Hollywood has sometimes turned a blind eye and ignored the bad deeds of some important figures..

The lack of black nominees at the Oscars for two consecutive years

After the nominees for the 87th Academy Awards were announced (in 2015), many realized this The vast majority of names considered in the main categories were of Caucasian descent. All of this sparked a discussion online about the lack of diversity in Hollywood and the Academy’s cover-up of this situation.

Thanks to this discovery Hashtags were born “#OscarsSoWhite” And “#WhiteOscars,” who were at the center of a huge movement on the blessed social networks. This in turn led to calls for The Academy is making adjustments to be more diverse and better represent all people who work in the film industry. And after all the criticism, you thought they would take these comments very seriously.

However, For the next Oscars in 2016, the Academy repeated the previous year’s mistakes: All 20 actors and four of the five directors were Caucasian. This led to a boycott of the ceremony led by Jada Pinkett Smith and director Spike Lee. From his ditch, Chris Rock – the host of this edition – also joined this protest as he joked about the lack of diversity within the ceremony This left many with their mouths open.

Definitely, This is one of the most obvious examples of how diversity was not one of the Hollywood Academy’s priorities. And although they have tried to change this and address this point at the Oscars, the truth is that they still have a long way to go before they can talk about real inclusion in the biggest film festival.

And the Oscar goes to… “La La Land.” Oh no, ‘Moonlight’

It’s time to review one of the most controversial moments in Oscar history that no one could believe. As with any live show, there can always be some confusion at the Oscars. But the error of the 2017 edition is still alive and in the minds of millions of people around the world (even if they are not such film fans).

After introducing the Best Picture nominees, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced it with great fanfare La La Land was the winner. Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Damien Chazelle and the entire film crew took the stage to accept the recognition and celebrate this achievement. But It was the producers themselves who realized during their acceptance speech that a mistake had been made.

Actually, Moonlight It was the film that won the Oscar for Best Film of 2017, to the surprise of everyone present. But the error was fixed The mistake became one of the biggest, most embarrassing and memorable mishaps in the history of the ceremony.. While it may not have been the darkest or most shocking moment, it was something completely unexpected, confusing and embarrassing for everyone involved.

Wil Smith slaps Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars

To cap off this list of dark Oscar moments with flying colors, it’s time to talk about something that’s still fresh for us as it happened at the 2022 Academy Awards. After banding together to boycott the 2016 ceremony, Chris Rock and Jada Pinkett Smith were the protagonists of a moment that left us speechless because we didn’t believe what was happening.

After Rock made a joke about Pinkett Smith’s condition, Will Smith went on stage and punched the comedian in the face, which impressed both those in attendance and those watching it live on television. As if that wasn’t enough, Will returned to his seat completely angry and cursing a lot. no matter that they recorded it.

The most ironic thing about the whole thing was that minutes later Will Smith Smith won the Oscar for Best Actor for his role in King Richard. During his acceptance speech, in addition to crying, he apologized to everyone (except Chris Rock) for the moment he starred in.. However, his actions had consequences: he was banned from attending academy events for a decade and brought down the industry. This was absolutely something completely unexpected and threw a wrench into this edition of the ceremony.

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