5 essential Xiaomi gadgets to face the cold in Portugal

5 essential Xiaomi gadgets to face the cold in Portugal

The cold wave that ravages the country leaves no one indifferent. With that in mind, we selected some of the products and solutions Xiaomi available in Portugal in its official store that allow us to escape the rigors of winter and guarantee some comfort.

Either to make a hot chocolate in its powerful blender, or as you can easily guess, to heat the bedroom, the living room or any other room, its electric heaters. Prices vary, but there are promotional campaigns that you can take advantage of!

Without further ado, go through the list below with the products of the 4gnews selection for this winter, with a direct route to the Xiaomi Store Portugal store.

1. Xiaomi Smart Tower Heater Electric Tower Heater

Xiaomi Smart Tower Heater

Power: 2000W
Control: buttons, Mi Home app,
Operating modes: 4 modes
Noise level: 42dB
Oscillation: YES, up to 70º
Safety: overheating, tipping, children
Materials: Plastic and Metal

It acts quickly and, by oscillating, ensures a better distribution of hot air. It has 2,000 W of power and is perfect for heating your room, maintaining a solid construction, with safety mechanisms and a minimalist design.

We also recommend that you learn about all the important parameters and the actual performance of this Xiaomi product in more detail.

2. Xiaomi Kettle 2 Electric Kettle

XIAOMI Electric Kettle Kettle 2

Power: 1800W
Capacity: 1.7 liters
Dimensions: 227 x 158 x 262mm
Weight: 1.2kg
Inside: stainless steel

Simply practical for preparing tea or other hot drinks that require water for their design. It is a simple and effective product, with a discreet design and construction with a stainless steel interior. It is an indispensable gadget in any kitchen.

3. Mi Smart Kettle Pro Kettle

Mi Smart Kettle Pro Electric Kettle

Power: 1800W
Capacity: 1.5 liters
Dimensions: 227 x 158 x 262mm
Weight: 1.3kg
Inside: stainless steel
Connection: Bluetooth
Extras: LCD screen

For those looking for the best Xiaomi electric kettle or water jug, this solution offers better build quality and materials, plus control via the Mi Home app. It has a Bluetooth connection that facilitates its configuration with the smartphone, as well as being quieter.

4. Xiaomi Smart Blender

Xiaomi Smart Blender

functions: Cut at various angles
Crusher: 8 Blades
Settings: 9 adjustable speeds
Income: available online
Heating: Maintains heat for up to 4 hours
Additional features: Mix in Double, Hot and Cold mode
Power: 1000W
Ability: maximum 1.6L

cost: €129, 23% discount

You can make everything from soups and creams to hot chocolate in the Xiaomi blender thanks to its Hot and Cold function. In addition, you can also control it through the Mi Home app for more convenience.

5. Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater S Electric Heater

Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater S Electric Heater

Power: 2200W
Control: buttons, Mi Home app,
Operating modes: 4 modes
Noise level: quiet
Capacity: heating up to 46 m2
Safety: overheating, safety lock and children
Materials: Metal and plastic inserts.

This is the Xiaomi convector heater that you can control from your smartphone thanks to the connectivity options of the product. The best of all? You can even use your voice to turn it on or off, compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

It stands out for its rapid heating, great power of 2200 W, as well as its silence during normal operation.

Take advantage of the current campaigns in Xiaomi Store Portugal

We also indicate that for more payment flexibility, the consumer can also take advantage of Klarna’s services, if desired.

In addition, it is indicated that to celebrate the start of the new year, you can find even more products at good prices in dedicated page, with more buying opportunities to break the ice. There you can find even more products with competitive prices.

Finally, it should be remembered that these Xiaomi gadgets are available in all Xiaomi physical stores in Portugal. This as well as the aforementioned official online store of the brand to buy (and receive) from home.


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