“32 years ago I wanted to be an action hero”

Shah Rukh Khan: "32 jaar geleden wilde ik een actieheld worden"

Shahrukh Khan: "32 years ago I wanted to be an action hero"

Four years ago we last saw Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan on the big screen. There are only a few days left until we can enjoy his magnetic presence again.

Before the film’s release, SRK spoke candidly about his career. “32 years ago I went to Mumbai to become an action hero, but I missed the boat when I was rebranded as a romantic hero. I just wanted to do action movies. I mean, I love DDLJ and I love Rahul and Raj and all these sweet good guys, but I always thought he was an action hero. So for me it’s my dream come true.”

He also shares more about his role as a Pathaan. “Pathaan is a laid back guy. He does a lot of hard things and I think he’s naughty and tough. You can trust him. He is honest. And he considers the country of India as the mother of him.

Pathaan is scheduled for release on January 25, 2023.

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