10 songs from the “Twilight” saga worth watching (part 2)

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Since we knew you wanted the second part, we leave you with 10 more songs worth trying in the “Twilight” saga.

They say second parts are never good, but we couldn’t wait to put this list together. And if we compile the first part of the songs for which the “Twilight” saga is worth watching, We got a little conflicted because we had to remove several songs from the rankings.

As we mentioned back then, regardless of whether the films appealed to many or not (although they were a success, there is no doubt about that), One of the things that attracted the most attention about the films starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson was the musical part.

10 songs from the “Twilight” saga worth watching (part 2)
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Twilight. Photo: Deana Newcomb

There’s a lot of room for compromise when it comes to the soundtrack of the Twilight saga.

Like bands The Killers, Radiohead, Muse, Linkin Park and others have managed to be on the soundtrack of the five films that make up this universe written by him Stephanie Meyer. And more than invitation, many truly longed for this opportunity.

Most artists and bands succeeded – because yes, there were others who did it too Evanescence or my chemical romance who tried it or simply gave up the idea – and thanks to this we had iconic roles that appeared in the credits or in the plot of the five films ‘Dusk’.

10 songs from the “Twilight” saga worth watching (part 2)
Photo: Summit Entertainment

And here we leave you with 10 more songs worth listening to

Some Groups like Muse and Paramore even came up with more than one song, But surely many others had to bring the story to life with just one Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, a human and a vampire who fall madly in love and defy the rules of life (in the film, of course).

10.- “Jonathan Low” by Vampire Weekend

In the movie “Eclipse” in the scene where Bella rides with Jacob on a motorcycle to La Push beachplays this great song from Vampire Weekend, which was written specifically for the film’s soundtrack and, for many, was a perfect nod to the vampire reference in the name of Ezra Koenig’s band

9.- “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars

When it came to love songs, the “Twilight” saga wrote itself. Not just for songs like “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri or “A White Demon Love Song” by The Killers. Also for songs like the one Bruno Mars sang for the “Breaking Dawn Part 1” soundtrack.

The video for this song was recorded in London and featured images of Bruno Mars and his partner in historyinterspersed with scenes from Bill Condon’s film, which ultimately show us all the good and bad phases of love.

8.- “Rosyln” from Bon Iver and St. Vincent

“Rosyln” It was another indie ballad that gave us the Twilight saga, now by Bon Iver and St. Vincent. who made the track after feeling the desire to collaborate on a song for a while, and without imagining that the film crew would be interested in adding it to the New Moon soundtrack.

Surely fans of the saga recognize this song because of the scene in which it happens Bella Swan prints photos in her room and during her separation from Edward, who tells her that her family must leave Forks.

7.- “Fire in Water” by Feist

How should we leave Feist’s song off this list, yes He really musicalized one of the most important moments of the saga: when Bella and Edward can finally be intimate without fear of hurting each other since they are both vampires now.

6.- “Heavy in your arms” by Florence + The Machine

In the end credits of “Eclipse” The second song played was created by Florence Welch, who wrote “Heavy in your arms” heavily inspired by the plot of the story created by Stephanie Meyer in 2005.

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“I think ‘Heavy in Your Arms’ is about the weight of love and how it can sometimes be a burden between two people. “I felt like that was a strong theme in the Twilight series: Someone gets saved or condemned, and the love you have inside brings you down?” Florence said at the time about the inspiration behind the song.

“I recorded it with Paul one night using some weird inverted vocal samples and a big hip-hop piano. Like most of my songs, it is essentially inspired by the hip-hop and gospel choirs of the 90s.describes the British singer-songwriter on her website.

5.- “I Catch Myself” by Paramore

In addition to the iconic “Decode” with the video recorded in the middle of the forest, there is another song Paramore gave fans of the “Twilight” saga the song “I Caught Myself,” which also appeared in the first film when Bella and her friends went prom dress shopping.

In addition to being part of the “Twilight” soundtrack, This Paramore track was also part of an album called The B-Sides. which Paramore released in 2008 and on which he compiled several unreleased songs and studio demos or covers of other songs.

4.- “Life on Earth” by Band of Horses

This song was almost on the Band of Horses album.“Infinite Weapons” (2010). However, it didn’t make the cut and the band decided that the song should be included directly on the soundtrack of the film “Eclipse”, which was a credit to the singer Bren Bridwell saw what artists like Thom Yorke were doing.

The song comes on that rather nice conversation that Bella and Edward have while they’re lying in bed and where she asks her lover why he is so against her wanting to become a vampire to be with him forever.

3.- “Neutron Star Collision” (Love Is Forever) by Muse

One of the sweetest songs we find in the Twilight saga, and ironically one too was written by Muse frontman Matt Bellamy after he ended his relationship with model and psychologist Gaia Polloni in 2009. with whom the singer lived for a long time.

“Neutron Star Collision” (Love Is Forever) chronicles the intense feelings Matt had toward his partner at the beginning of their relationship In the film “Eclipse” it takes place during the graduation party that Alice hosts at the Cullen house.

2.- “Shooting The Moon” by Ok, Go.

In the second film New Moon, the Chicago band, was responsible for the music for the scene where Bella and Jacob live together in the young wolf’s garage. who is tough throughout the film and manages to stay with Bella even though they’ve already made it clear to him that they only want him as a friend.

1.- “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron & Wine

Okay, anyway, we messed up a bit by leaving this song off the first list, and it was perhaps one of the most relevant as far as the scenes go ‘Dusk’ so refers It’s the song that plays in the background when Bella and Edward dance before prom.

The song belongs to the album “The German Shepherd” And Thanks to Kristen Stewart, who listened to the album during filming, it made it onto the cassette. The actress was the one who suggested it “Flightless bird, American mouth” It was used for the prom scene, with the intention of later swapping it for another one. Something that luckily didn’t happen.

Willy-nilly, The “Twilight” saga is becoming one of the most popular in recent times and at least we can say there’s something for everyone since we don’t necessarily have to love the story of vampires and wolves to get into these great songs. Or what do you think?

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