"Russia has forgotten everything that was important to the victors of World War II"Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky said on Sunday on the eve of commemorations in Russia of the victory over Nazi Germany.

Zelensky criticized in a video message the "violent bombing" recorded in various regions of Ukraine, one of which killed 60 people in a school in the east of the country, "as if today is not May 8, as if tomorrow is not May 9, while the slogan should be peace for all normal people".

"Ukraine and the free world will remember"He launched.

According to the president, Ukraine "has shown that it was part of the free world and of a united Europe" versus "Moscow’s independence in evil and hatred, which the whole world will see tomorrow".

On Monday, the traditional May 9 military parade will be held in Moscow’s Red Square, where thousands of soldiers will march, followed by tanks, armored vehicles and missile launchers.



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