Zaniolo wants to return to Italy

Nicolò Zaniolo, the young Italian star, has made clear his desire to return to Serie A after completing the American tour with the Italian team led by Luciano Spalletti. In a recent interview, Zaniolo openly expressed his longing for Italy, citing family, friends and his country as reasons for his desire to return. The player, currently on loan at Aston Villa and part of Galatasaray, pointed out that the clubs are responsible for shaping his future, but made it clear that he has a desire to return to his home country.

Zaniolo used the interview with Corriere dello Sport to express his gratitude to Monchi, who chose him when he brought him to Roma at the young age of 19. Given the rumors about possible interest from AC Milan, the player left his agent to inform him only if there are concrete offers. However, he emphasized that a transfer to Lazio was unthinkable and showed his respect for the fans of both teams in the Italian capital.

They listen to offers that come from Italy

With his words, Zaniolo makes it clear that his heart lies in Italy and that he is looking forward to the next chapter of his football career in Serie A. His talent and youth make him a sought-after target for several Italian clubs, and his return will certainly raise expectations among fans of the Italian League.

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