Zack Snyder “hits” HBO Max and asks for Justice League in theaters

WarnerMedia has bought a big fight with the film industry by embracing the common sense that a global pandemic calls for. In 2021, all of the films distributed by it will make their theatrical debuts, but will also be available to stream on HBO Max at the same time.

The decision will allow interested parties in regions where vaccination is already underway to adopt the traditional start-up model, but until the Covid-19 vaccine becomes a global reality, the decision will also allow the protection of the still vulnerable population that will not need take a chance to check the releases.

One movie due out next year, however, slated exclusively for HBO Max is Zack Snyder’s cut for Justice League. Still without a date to be launched on the platform, Warner is limited to saying that it will arrive “in a few months”.

Either way, the director wants the film, like future WarnerMedia releases, to hit theaters. Like many Hollywood directors, he was disgusted at the idea of ​​the film being streaming first. Apparently some details about this launch were missing with important parts of the project …

Zack Snyder even went so far as to say that HBO Max is the worst streaming platform available on the market, in an attack on WarnerMedia seeking to justify making it available in theaters.

Warner has yet to comment on a possible release of the features in theaters.

It is worth remembering, as healthy as Warner’s decision to simultaneously make its films available in streaming may seem.

And you, are you afraid of going to the cinema to watch movies? Would you like more studios to adopt simultaneous streaming? Tell us in the comments!

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