Home Tech YouTube try the new ‘Premium’ plan you’ve been waiting for!

YouTube try the new ‘Premium’ plan you’ve been waiting for!

YouTube try the new 'Premium' plan you've been waiting for!

Google wants to increase the subscription base of its YouTube Premium service and for that it already has a (new) plan. Aware of the inhibiting value of the current payment plan (8.49 euros per month), Google’s video platform is already testing a cheaper premium plan.

It is a tailor-made solution for Europe, dubbed “Premium Lite” that guarantees an ad-free YouTube user experience. Anyone who wants the other benefits of the YouTube Premium service will have to go for the more expensive option.

YouTube tests the new “Premium Lite” plan in Europe

Ad-free videos on YouTube for €6.99 in Europe

The novelty was detected by a user in ResetEra and since then freed by the average. However, this plan has already been confirmed by Google itself. It is a new modality for those who only want to enjoy videos without advertising presented.

In fact, in Premium Lite we will not be able to watch videos offline, downloading the videos, or watch them in the background or with the screen turned off. These benefits are still reserved for the more expensive conventional “Premium” mode.

In statements to the publication The Verge a YouTube spokesperson stated the following:

“In the Nordic countries and the BENELUX region, with the exception of Iceland, we are testing a new offer that will give users even more options to choose from. This is the new Premium Lite plan at a cost of € 6.99 per month , adjustable by country. Includes videos without ads or advertising on YouTube. “

While the conventional plan involves a subscription worth € 8.49 per month, the new Premium Lite allows you to enjoy ad-free videos and save around € 1.5 per month. For Google, this plan may be exactly what users were hoping for, making the viewing experience more enjoyable, with no other extras like the ability to download videos.

The user will thus be able to view all the videos present on the platform without interruptions through the applications for Android and iOS mobile devices, television (SmartTV), from the console, box and the web version of YouTube (through the computer).

Still, it should be noted that the Premium Lite plan is approximately 60% cheaper than the conventional one, but offers only a third of its functions. Outside is the ability to save videos offline (transfers) and access the YouTube Music Premium service.

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