Young man subdued by police with non-lethal ammunition after attacking relatives

A young man with problematic drug use tried to attack family members police used non-lethal ammunition to subdue him. The perpetrator also tried to stab a uniformed man.

According to Underlined, based on investigative sources, the incidents occurred this Sunday morning at 7 p.m. in Francisco Anzani’s neighborhood Dive.

A call to 911 reported that a man in possession of a knife was attempting to attack family members. A patrol was quickly dispatched to the scene and encountered the individual attempting to attack the uniformed officers.

Police surrounded the attacker, who threatened that he would hurt anyone who approached and, according to the Interior Ministry, tried to stab an approaching agent. In this context, the police decided to use non-lethal ammunition to reduce the number. There were 5 shots in total.

After the check, he was transferred to the Hospital de Clínicas, where he remains hospitalized under police custody. The police report accessed by News Agency shows that a witness told investigators that the now-detained man had issues with domestic violence and problematic drug use.

The man has six previous convictions. He recently left prison where he was being held for committing a “crime of assault.”

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