Home Tech Xiaomi launches socket that makes your appliances smarter

Xiaomi launches socket that makes your appliances smarter

Xiaomi is increasingly committed to products that can make our homes smarter. And now it has just launched a new plug capable of turning any ordinary appliance into a smart appliance.

Is called Xiaomi Smart Plug 2, and it is the second generation of a well-known smart plug. This needs to be connected to the Xiaomi Home app via Wi-Fi, where it can be easily controlled remotely.

Xiaomi Smart Plug 2

Remotely control home appliances with Xiaomi Smart Plug 2

Whether you’re on vacation or late for dinner, you can remotely turn on your lights if you want to peek through the brighter cameras. Let’s say you forgot to turn off your heater or humidifier. With a few touches it turns off if it is connected to the power outlet.

And of course, being a smart plug, it provides you with important data on energy consumption. In the application you can see detailed and comprehensive expense statistics for effective analysis.

It is good to note that it has switching state memory. This means that, in the event of a power failure during operation, it returns to its previous state without problems. It is also possible to set times for it to turn on or off in the app.

It has built-in sensors to regulate overcurrent and overheating. If the limits are exceeded, the Xiaomi Home app sends notifications to the user so that they can see the situation in time.

Xiaomi Smart Plug 2 is compatible with the Google Assistant

Last but not least, this can also be controlled with the help of Google. It’s compatible with the Google Assistant, so you can link it to your account and start turning it on or off with just your voice.

It is already available on Xiaomi’s official global website, but the price has not been revealed yet.

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