Xiaomi launches a new portable iron that is ready to work in 30 seconds

Xiaomi has just launched a new portable iron that will make one of the least appreciated household tasks easier.

MIJIA portable steam ironing machine heats up in just 30 seconds and not only irons but also removes dust mites and sterilizes clothes.

New Xiaomi MIJIA Handheld Steam Ironing Machine irons and removes mites

Xiaomi Handheld Steam Ironing Machine Picture

Xiaomi has just expanded its MIJIA series with a new machine that we would all like to have available in Portugal. But unfortunately for now, the model is only being launched in the Chinese market.

It is a portable steam machine that not only irons clothes, but also removes mites and sterilizes clothes. The team is prepared to serve seven jerseys, in continuous operation.

The model arrives equipped with micro-boost technology with a pressure steam outlet of 30 kPa. It also features ten steam vents that are capable of softening clothing fibers and smoothing out basic wrinkles, as well as making this most painful household chore quick and easy.

The rated power of the iron is 1200 watts and the spray distance is more than 50 centimeters.

Image of the steam zone of the new Xiaomi portable iron

Best of all, the new MIJIA portable steam ironing machine supports multiple ironing modes. Namely: dry ironing, dehumidifying, wrinkle removal, wet ironing, wrinkle smoothing, steam and even a way to remove the most stubborn wrinkles.

Xiaomi’s new portable machine could also be very useful in the morning, before leaving for work. All because it completes the heating process in just 30 seconds, being ready to work immediately.

In the name of safety, no steam is released until the heating process is complete, to avoid accidental burns caused by jets of hot water without steam.

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Image of the Xiaomi steam ironing machine

In turn, the water tank has a capacity of 150 ml, which is easy to remove and fill to fulfill its function.

Also as a safety measure, this steam ironing machine automatically shuts off after stopping for eight minutes. To get it working again, the user just needs to pick up the device again so it plugs in and warms up.

The Xiaomi MIJIA portable steam ironing machine is available in the Chinese market for a price of around 40 euros. There is no information on whether this model will be available globally.

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