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Xiaomi is #1 in Europe: Exceeds Samsung in Units Sold

Xiaomi is now the best-selling smartphone brand in Europe, according to a recent market study report by strategy analysis.

Chinese manufacturer surpassed Samsung and was ranked number one in the second quarter of 2021.

While Xiaomi tends to top the charts in markets like India, this is the first time the company has shipped more phones than Samsung to the European market.

Xiaomi shipped nearly 13 million units and achieved a 25.3% market share in Europe in the second quarter of 2021, and shipped just under 13 million units in the quarter. In comparison, Samsung had a 24% market share with 12 million units sold.

The Chinese manufacturer registered a 67.1% year on year growth, while Samsung’s sales decreased by 7%. Xiaomi’s huge growth in the region can be attributed to strong sales in Russia, Ukraine, Spain and Italy.

Other Chinese manufacturers also saw strong growth in the region during the second quarter. OPPO, which was fourth on the list, had a 5.6% market share and a 180% growth over the previous year.

I really It also secured a spot on the list with 3.8% market share and 1800% year-on-year growth, thanks to the success of its Realme 8 series.

Manzana maintained the third position on the list, with 19.2% market share and 15.7% year-on-year growth. The company managed to ship almost 10 million units in the quarter.

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