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Xiaomi has a new high-end product that comes with the Mi MIX 4 smartphone

Xiaomi has just confirmed the presentation of an unprecedented new product in its vast portfolio of gadgets, smartphones and other products. It will arrive with the next generation high-end smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 and it promises to give us good music.

In fact, the Chinese manufacturer confirmed this Thursday (5) its intention to present a smart speaker high-end next August 10, the date chosen for the event. It will be a more advanced and necessarily more expensive product.

Xiaomi has a surprise with the Mi MIX 4 smartphone

The news was just advanced by Chinese technology, stating that its first high-end smart speaker (high-end) will be a “symphony of technology and art.” Also, this promises to be one of the many surprises scheduled for the 10th.

The mystery product will be a smart speaker. high-end

The poster was published by Xiaomi on its channels, without further information about the product being disclosed. In fact, it is one of the few contraption Xiaomi who has not made rounds in dedicated posts, without any information leak so far.

In short, at the moment we do not have any information about this promising high-end smart speaker. The manufacturer promises an amazing product, focusing on the market. high-end, this being the full scope of our knowledge of the product.

Despite the great cloak of secrecy surrounding the product, there is a recent leak that may be associated with the L16A Smart Speaker. This product was seen on the WiFi Alliance platform where it obtained the certification for the use of this WiFi connectivity.

The listing does not reveal any product features, but confirms that this speaker will have dual-band WiFi connectivity, which means that the speaker will be able to connect to the home WiFi network as well as a control center. In fact, the speaker itself could act as a control center for other smart products and IoT devices with voice commands.

Finally, we recommend caution when interpreting this information as we do not have concrete data to support it so far. These are speculations and informed hunches, but they lack confirmation that it will arrive on August 10.

We also remember that Xiaomi currently has its Smart Speaker, a product that we had the opportunity to test at 4gnews.

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