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WWDC 2023: Watch Apple’s presentation live here

TO apple Tim Cook hosts two major events each year dedicated to company news, with new products to be announced and lots of technology to be revealed. Today starts the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2023) and you can follow the news reveal live here.

Along with the event in September, where we get to know the new iPhone, we have in June the event dedicated mainly to software and ready-to-use products. There will be several days of conferences, but the biggest presentation starts today (June 5) at 6pm in Lisbon.

Among these, we now have Cupertino’s virtual reality glasses, the (possible) Reality Pro.

Apple Reality Pro, the mixed reality glasses among the most anticipated novelties

Apple WWDC 2023

It’s the moment many Apple enthusiasts have been waiting for for several months. We have a great structure (and a lot of expectation) dedicated to the new augmented reality glasses, or mixed reality, the Apple Reality Pro.

This thesis has the support of technology journalist gurman brand, from Forbes, it seems that Tim Cook’s company will finally be ready to reveal its mixed reality glasses. It is one of Apple’s most secret and anticipated projects.

Immersive FaceTime with Apple Reality Pro

In line with Gurman’s thesis, these Reality Pros will be mainly focused on immersion. In the possibilities of establishing a more immersive connection with the rest of the participants in a call via FaceTime, for example.

Likewise, Apple’s augmented reality glasses can also be used well in your Apple TV + content and, of course, in computer games, for iPhone and other devices. That is, from communication to video games, the applications will be multiple according to the most recent sources.

Always according to the same source, the product will be finalizing the preparations to be revealed, that is, in the middle of the final validation phase before starting large-scale production.

Watch the WWDC 2023 keynote live on YouTube

Above you can follow the most anticipated presentation of this 1st semester. The three-dimensional graphics themselves seem to confirm the existence and main focus of Apple’s presentation with a focus on virtual, augmented or mixed reality.

It will be equally captivating to hear what the company’s executives have to say about Artificial Intelligence (AI), another of the topics that has guided technological news since the end of 2022.

iOS 17 will also bring new features to Apple iPhones

The WWDC 2023 kickoff conference will also focus on the next version of the company’s operating system for its iPhones. The news should focus not only on security and privacy, but also on artificial intelligence.

In summary, we have the following novelties and products to present:

  • iOS 17
  • iPad OS 17
  • watch OS 9
  • mac OS 14
  • tvOS 17
  • xrOS or RealityOS
  • Apple Reality Pro Glasses
  • new mac computers

All Apple news and announcements will be followed and reported on 4gnews. So follow the news on 4gnews and you won’t miss anything from the world of apples.

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