Home Sports WTC Final: Only 4 players from Team India will win the title!

WTC Final: Only 4 players from Team India will win the title!

WTC Final: Only 4 players from Team India will win the title!

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Virat Kohli Mohammad Siraj

Final of the WTC 2023 IND vs AUS: The final match of the World Test Championship 2023 will be played from June 7. Preparation for this is now in the final stage. The field of the Oval of England is preparing for it. At the same time, some Team India players have also come to England. The rest of the players will also arrive soon. Meanwhile, from the way the Team India players are showing in IPL 2023, it seems that now the Indian team’s dream of winning the ICC trophy for almost ten years can be fulfilled. The Australian team can’t be underestimated though, especially when the match is set to take place at The Oval in England, where the pitch has proven useful for fast bowlers. Meanwhile, there are four such players from Team India, who are performing well in IPL and if their same game continues, then the World Test Championship title is not far away.

Virat Kohli and Shubman Gill have performed amazingly in IPL

Virat Kohli’s RCB IPL team may have been out for the season this year, but after Virat Kohli’s performance in the last two matches, team India’s morale is on a different level. Arguably, Kohli has been scoring in T20 for ages and now it’s Test’s turn, but when runs come with the bat, runs are scored in any format. The most important thing that happens when the races come around is that the morale and confidence of the player is also in seventh heaven. And anyway, everyone knows that Virat Kohli likes Test cricket the most in all three formats. Now speaking of the other player, he is Shubman Gill. The way Virat Kohli has scored two consecutive centuries, the same way Shubman Gill has scored too. Virat Kohli’s IPL may be over, but Shubman Gill’s Gujarat Titans team has reached the playoffs and is also considered a strong title contender in the coming days. Shubman Gill is the second highest run scorer in this year’s IPL after Faf Duplesey, with 680 runs in 14 matches so far and remains in the running to win the Orange Cap. He will be seen starting for Team India in the WTC finals. If Shubman Gill and Virat Kohli bat in the middle order early on, understand that it will be impossible to stop the India team from scoring big.

Mohammed Shami and Mohammed Siraj also showed their fire in IPL

After this, if we talk about the rest of the players, Mohammed Shami is bowling amazingly. He deserves the Purple Cap by taking 24 wickets in 14 matches played so far. His team Gujarat Titans is playing now and if Rashid Khan doesn’t stop him, he will become the biggest wicket taker this year. At the same time, it was thrown by his teammate, RCB fast bowler Mohammad Siraj. His team, RCB, may not have made the playoffs, but they managed to win 19 wickets in the 14 games they played. If these two fast bowlers get a little help from the field, then it won’t be an easy task for the Australian team to score big.

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