Worldcoin app reaches 10 million users, Kenyan buys 13 goats via airdrop

Worldcoin, a project by OpenAI’s Sam Altman, is making huge leaps and now has 10 million users and more than 70 million transactions on the app. A Kenyan reports buying 13 goats via airdrop and is expressing his gratitude online.

Rapid increase in users of Worldcoin

Worldcoin’s World app, launched in June 2023, now has around 10 million users, with an average of 2 million per day and more than 5 million per month. Tiago Sadathe head of product development for Worldcoin’s umbrella organization Tools of Humanity, confirmed that there are significantly more users than at the beginning of this year.

With remarkable stories about a Kenyan who was able to buy 13 goats using the app, word spread quickly and new users are signing up every day to also reap the benefits.

Goal and vision of Worldcoin

Worldcoin aims to create a universal basic income system using cryptocurrencies. Users must register their identity through the World App by having their eyes scanned by devices called “Orbs.”

Remco Bloemen, Head of Blockchain at the Worldcoin Foundation, emphasized that while the World App plays a central role in the Worldcoin protocol, the foundation hopes that it will inspire other developers to create additional wallets and applications to meet different user needs to do justice.

Worldcoin community influence and involvement

The Worldcoin community is vibrant and engaged, as a heartwarming incident in Kenya shows. One user, after receiving funds from a Worldcoin airdrop, managed to purchase a goat and later named it “Sam” in honor of Sam Altman.

This story gained attention in the crypto community and led to further donations, which enabled the purchase of additional goats, bringing the total to 13. Worldcoin’s journey from a startup to a platform supporting millions of transactions and users demonstrates the enormous potential of integrating technology and cryptocurrency to create significant economic change.

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As the platform continues to develop, it promises to expand its impact, potentially transforming the way individuals interact with digital currencies, as well as encouraging broader adoption of cryptocurrencies as a tool for economic empowerment.

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