Workers union says employers are delaying wage increase

The president of the National Confederation of Trade Union Unity (CNUS), raphael "Pepe" Abreu, affirmed today that the business union is delaying the process of approving the salary increase to public and private employees, seeking an “indefinite period” for the resolution of the conversations.

"The business community always has a pretext, when it is not one, it is the other. Since he entered, he was saying that they were ready to be sworn in, but they need time to consult and study"Abreu said.

indicated that the business union wanted to be granted an indefinite term to study the proposal made by the workers’ unions, to which they refused, since this proposal was made previously and to continue delaying the dialogue would represent a waste of time.

He also stated that they asked the committee to establish a deadline as soon as possible to call the meeting and reach an agreement.

Besides that they expect no later than the middle of next month (February) they can establish an agreement.

The union president expressed that they documented and substantiated their position, however, the employers’ union has not established its position in writing as to why a salary increase in that proportion should not be established.


Salary Increase Request

The labor unions reported that were convened by the National Salary Committee for last Thursday, January 19with the purpose of starting a dialogue in search of a 35% wage increase for workers.

The meeting did not end as expected because the business union was unable to attend the dialoguefor which they were given a period of one week to resume the meeting.

The meeting called for this Thursday ended with the business community’s request for an extension to study the increase proposal.

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