A woman who kept her six-year-old daughter hidden to prevent her from attending school and being vaccinated against covid-19 was arrested in the Paraguayan town of Capiatá, authorities reported Wednesday.

The 34-year-old woman, whose identity was kept confidential to protect the little girl, was discovered on Monday night in a house where a commission from the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office arrived.

The case gained notoriety in the country after family members reported the girl’s disappearance, which led the Court for Children and Adolescents to order her search.

The mother had defended days ago in an interview with a local media outlet that they remained locked up so that the minor would not socialize with people with disabilities. "the mark of the beast"referring to the vaccinated.

After identifying herself as a Christian and a member of a group that met virtually, she denied that she was holding her daughter hostage.

Asked about the operation that allowed finding the whereabouts of both, the head of the 59th Police Station in Capiatá, Rosana Amarilla, told Efe that they remained in a house with the lights off and where they found bottles of water, non-perishable food and coal. .

The commissioner pointed out that an alleged sect "apocalyptic" with whom the woman came into contact through the internet suggested not to be vaccinated, since "would be part of the antichrist group".

In addition, they asked him to stop working, which is why they sent money for his support.

The woman, who refrained from testifying after being arrested, was charged by the prosecution for the alleged crime of "lack of duty of care" of the minor, who remained in the custody of her father.

"She is very well, healthy"the father declared to the Telefuturo newscast, and indicated that the girl wants to enter school.


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