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With the new Pixel 6 series, Google responds to Apple with Pixel Pass

With the new Pixel 6 series, Google responds to Apple with Pixel Pass

The Pixel Pass was introduced by Google alongside the new Pixel 6 smartphone series and appears to be the company’s answer to the Apple One.

The subscription plan includes one of the new Pixel terminals and regular equipment updates.

Google Pixel Pass with cloud storage and access to YouTube Premium

Pixel Pass was part of the set of news that Google presented yesterday at its fall event. It is a monthly subscription that includes one of the new smartphones, Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, an extended warranty, 200 GB of cloud storage on Google One, Google Play Pass to access ad-free applications in the Play Store and YouTube Premium. .

Also add frequent updates to mobile devices and a type of insurance called Preferred Care that covers device repairs caused by an accident.

The Google Pixel Pass with PIxel 6 included is available for $ 45 a month, or about 40 euros. If the user opts for this subscription with Pixel 6 Pro included, the cost amounts to $ 55 per month, approximately 50 euros.

Google’s monthly subscription is only available in the US.

All interested users can request a subscription through the Google Store or Google Fi. However, in this launch wave, the Pixel Pass subscription will only be available in the United States of America. This means that only US users will be able to take advantage of the payment, in a staggered manner, for the new Google smartphone and have access to the benefits offered by each of the included services.

According to Google, Pixel Pass can benefit users with various discounts. For example, if this all-in-one subscription is purchased through the Google Store, you can save up to $ 294 (or € 250) over two years. If the subscription is obtained through Google Fi, the company says that users can save 4 dollars a month (about 3 euros) in the monthly Fi plan, which together over two years offers a savings of 414 dollars, about 350 euros.

Google Pixel Pass combines all services in a single subscription

Pixel Pass seems to be Google’s answer to the Apple One subscription. But instead of offering the services separately, as Apple does, Google decided to bundle them all under the same subscription.

And the similarities between the two firms are more than many. Let’s face it: YouTube Premium that includes YouTube Music Premium is the equivalent of Apple Music; Preferred Care coverage is similar to Apple Care service.

In this sense, Google seems to be following Apple’s strategy with the launch of a subscription to enhance its services. In other words, it offers a monthly plan that gives you access not just to one Google device, but to the entire ecosystem of the company. In this way, you can also prevent a Google user from deciding to switch to a competitor after a certain period of time.

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