Cape Town: African police seized 800,000 pounds of drugs with the help of a sniffer dog.

According to international media reports, police stopped and searched a suspicious vehicle in the Western Cape last night on a tip-off.

Drugs were hidden in the secret lady of the car, which is being transported to Cape Town.

Police in the Worcester area of ​​Massachusetts searched the vehicle but failed to find the drug, after which a sniffer dog was brought near the vehicle.

The dog confirmed the presence of drugs in the vehicle, after which police conducted a comprehensive search of the van and found a large quantity of narcotic pills and other drugs inside.

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A police spokesman said a 51-year-old driver belonging to a global drug trafficking group was arrested in an operation in the Worcester area on Tuesday night.

Nine of the police intelligence agency said it had received information that a white Mercedes laden with drugs was heading to Cape Town.

According to police, the man arrested was from Wellegen, who had been arraigned in Worcester on drug charges.



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