The III Municipal Sports Games of Santo Domingo Este will be inaugurated this Tuesday in the framework of a showy ceremony that will take place at the Ramón Oviedo Culture Parade, in front of the Parque del Este Complex, starting at six in the afternoon.

More than three thousand athletes, divided into 25 sports and recreational disciplines, will participate in the fair, which has the sustained support of Mayor Manuel Jiménez.

The event, which will conclude on July 14, will take place in almost all of the sports facilities in the municipality, including those of the main Juan Bautista Zafra, Ramón Emilio Jiménez and Fabio Amable Mota schools.

Professor Roberto Neris, Sports Director of the Santo Domingo Este City Council, stressed that the games “will mark a before and after” not only in the municipality, but throughout the province and the country.

“All the ends are tied so that the contest is carried out with brilliance, with conceived success,” said Neris, who will be in charge of the welcoming remarks at the opening ceremony.

The ceremony will also include the exhortation speech by Senator Antonio Taveras Guzmán, president of the organizing committee of the third edition of this sports festival.

Mayor Manuel Jiménez will deliver the main speech of the main sports tournament in the municipality, in which baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, karate, judo, softball, taekwondo, weightlifting, athletics, tennis, chess and boxing will compete, among Another sports.

The ceremony also includes the lighting of the cauldron, where the tour of the torch will conclude, which has been carried by prominent athletes from the area such as Johanna Pimentel, Pedro-Pipilo-Núñez, Dahiana Santana and Víctor Hansen.

Likewise, there will be artistic presentations and a multicolored fireworks show.

medical evaluations

Some 271 children and young athletes summoned to the Third Municipal Sports Games of Santo Domingo Este will not be able to participate or will have competition restrictions due to serious health problems.

This was explained by the medical team responsible for applying evaluations to 3,995 children and young people enrolled in the largest sporting event in the Santo Domingo province.

With participation restrictions, there are 210 young people and children who presented problems of hypertension, diabetes, congenital heart disease, musculoskeletal pathology, asthma, grade 2 morbid obesity, ophthalmological problems, among others.

Athletes who are not fit for any sports activity totaled 61, due to serious problems of diabetic nephropathy, uncontrolled hypertension, unbalanced diabetes, hypertensive heart disease and Musculoskeletal Pathologies.

“For the first time, in the municipality we have made an evaluation of the majority of the participating athletes, to guarantee their integrity during the competitions and to take measures that allow us to improve living conditions in the future,” explained Dr. Esther Marte, coordinator of the Evaluation Commission.

Various specialists participated in the commission, including a pediatrician, physical therapist, nutritionist, orthopedist, family doctor, occupational doctor and psychologist.


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