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With 2,000 LED lights Edesur illuminates streets and avenues of the National District

Con 2,000 luces led Edesur ilumina calles y avenidas del Distrito Nacional

The power distribution company Edesur Dominicana illuminated with 2,000 modern LED lights and low consumption the main avenues of the National District, contributing to citizen security, the environment and beautification.

The extensive lighting operation, which also included new wiring in several sections of the intervened roads, was carried out in approximately fifteen days, a record time for this type of operation, explained the general administrator, Milton Morrison. Milton Morrison said that these works impacted 40 kilometers of the National District, distributed in 19 intervened points.

intervened points
More of 19 points were intervened by Edesur Dominicana, among which are Gustavo Mejía Ricart avenues, from Gregorio Luperón to Ortega y Gasset avenue, a stretch of more than 5 kilometers; Sarasota, from Núñez de Cáceres avenue to Abraham Lincoln; and Rómulo Betancourt avenue, from Núñez de Cáceres to Winston Churchill.

The entire Máximo Gómez avenue, from John F. Kennedy to the Malecón was illuminated after the intervention carried out by the Edesur Dominicana brigades.

The interventions were also carried out on Roberto Pastoriza avenue, from Winston Churchill to Ortega y Gasset, as well as El Recodo street, from Sarasota avenue to Avenida de la Salud.

Avenue Independence from Jiménez Moya avenue to Máximo Gómez. In the same way, all of Abraham Lincoln, from John F. Kennedy to the Malecón, was quickly illuminated by Edesur Dominicana.

Also, Anacaona Avenue was completely illuminated and for the first time, with 308 modern Led lights.

Edesur recently also completed the last stage of lighting the Santo Domingo boardwalk, which is one of the main arteries for those going to and from the center of the Dominican capital, Milton Morrison said.

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