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Will it be mandatory to wear a mask in the places where the health pass is required?

The extension of the health pass, which comes into effect from this Monday, August 9, is accompanied by the lifting of the mandatory mask. However, some exceptions are mentioned in the decree of June 1 that was updated this Saturday, August 7.

The new article specifies that “the obligations to wear a mask provided for in this decree are not applicable to people who have accessed establishments, places, services and events under the conditions provided in this article”, regarding the extension of the pass. There is still one exception: “interregional public transport” that makes long-distance trips.

Therefore, as of this Monday, the mask will no longer be necessary to go to public places, restaurants or bars, places of culture or even leisure, which will ask you for your health pass in exchange. But as the decree indicates, the mask will remain mandatory on airplanes, buses or TGVs.

In addition, the prefect will have the option of imposing or not the use of the mask in his department. As the article of the decree explains, “it can be made mandatory according to the local circumstances that justify it.” This means that some shopping centers could also be required to enforce the use of masks in their premises.

However, the lifting of the mandatory mask is far from obtaining unanimous support in the scientific community. Alain Fischer, the “vaccine gentleman” of the government, spoke out against it last July. “Outside, okay, but in a situation where there are many people gathered in the same place, I think we have to be cautious,” he estimated about Europe 1.

It should be noted that this adjustment is added to that relating to the validity of a negative test that was finally extended to seventy-two hours, as can be read in the Official Gazette, published on August 8.

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