Claudia Aguilera, the wife of anti-mafia prosecutor Marcelo Pecci, assassinated on Tuesday on a Colombian island where she was on her honeymoon, returned to her country on Thursday.

Aguilera arrived on the Paraguayan presidential plane along with part of the group of prosecutors who traveled to Colombian territory to support the investigations of the attack.

Local media were waiting outside the Silvio Pettirossi Air Base, in the city of Luque, neighboring Asunción, for the departure of the delegation from the city of Cartagena de Indias.

A caravan of vehicles left the military base, which houses the country’s First Air Brigade. However, no authority declared to the press.

Along with Aguilera, her sister Mónica also arrived, who moved to Colombia after the attack that took the life of the official, and two Colombian police officers.

Aguilera is a renowned Paraguayan journalist who married Pecci on April 30.

The Paraguayan ambassador in Bogotá, Sophia López Garelli, informed Efe that the body of the prosecutor will leave Cartagena this Friday, and will arrive in Paraguay on Saturday morning.

Pecci and his wife would have arrived in Cartagena on May 5, from where they moved to Barú. She was with the prosecutor when he was shot by unknown assailants on a private beach.


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