Wife asked her husband to pay her for housework

A woman shared a situation on Reddit where she’s seeking advice: She’s having an argument with her husband because he asked him to pay her if he wanted her to do housework.

The story, posted on the anonymous forum, quickly went viral and received many comments (both positive and negative).

It all started when the woman told what she did and what income she could earn from her work: «I’m a steamfitter. But I’ve been at it and overseeing it for a while. With bonuses and incentives but no benefits, I make more than $100 an hour,” he wrote.

Additionally, she said she works out of town so her children would stay home with her husband and the minor’s father.

«I also work outside the city. I started when the children were old enough to fend for themselves at home with their father. “When my youngest son was in high school and my oldest was a junior in high school.”

Although this represents a great sacrifice, she assures that she has had great economic benefits and has earned significant income.

“It’s fantastic. Our retirement savings are growing and we’ve been able to pamper ourselves for the children. And for ourselves.

The problem that began was putting things in order in the house

While she worked outside and her husband spent most of his time at home, she only wanted one thing: that everything would be organized when she returned from work.

After several discussions and conversations about the topic, the woman decided to hire a cleaning lady…which he ultimately didn’t like.

“My husband is upset because I decided to hire a cleaner,” she explained. “He and I talked about it and agreed that he and the kids didn’t do a great job of keeping the house clean and tidy while I was away.” I hated coming home to a mess. It caused some arguments because it was like, “I was hoping I’d come home and clean up after them.”

Despite his anger, it had been a great job for her because when she came home everything was clean and in its place.

“Having her is fantastic. I come home to a clean house and I’m happier. My children have more time for learning and extracurricular activities. “They still have housework and are still expected to clean up themselves.”

Do you pay your wife if you want her to organize the household?

To cut costs, the husband asked her not to pay a cleaning lady and to help her with housework when she was home.

“The last time I was home, my husband came to me and told me we should reduce the church service when he was home. That I should do more housework. “He thinks we’re wasting money.”

When asked, she emphasized that her job is much more demanding and offered two options, one of which is to get paid to do household chores.

“I told him that I work 14 days in a row and that they are 13-hour days. Yes, it’s mostly paperwork, but your job as a teacher isn’t much more physically demanding. I told him I could offer him two options. If he wanted, we could skip the service entirely and he and the kids could make sure the house was in good condition when I arrived. Or you could pay me my hourly rate to do extra housework on my days off.”

What was the reaction? He became angry with her and believes she is “financially manipulating” him.

“I think if he and the kids actually did what they were supposed to do when I was gone, this wouldn’t be a problem,” she concluded.

The reactions didn’t take long to arrive

Reactions online have been mixed: on the one hand, there are those who support her and believe that if she invests more time in the work and wants her to be the one who cleans, she should be compensated for her efforts.

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On the other hand, there are also people who think that helping around the house, regardless of the work, is a task that should be done without expecting payment for it.

Finally, many others emphasized that in such situations “it is better not to get married.”

What do you think?

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