Why is the International Day of Forests celebrated?

Today, March 21, the International Day of Forests is celebrated worldwide. The United Nations General Assembly approved the resolution A/RES/67/200 on December 21, 2012, so as of 2013, the International Day of Forests is celebrated every March 21.

Healthy forests to maintain healthy populations

When we drink a glass of water, write in a notebook, take medicine for a fever or build a house, we don’t always associate these actions with forests.

However, these and many other aspects of our lives are linked to them in one way or another.

Forests are essential to combating climate change, as they contribute significantly to the benefit of present and future generations, play a key role in eradicating poverty and contribute to the achievement of many goals contemplated in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

But despite the incredible ecological, economic and social benefits, forests are threatened by unprecedented wildfires, droughts, pests and deforestation.

The theme for 2023 of the International Day is: “Forests and Health”

This is a call to care for forests, not just benefit from them. Only through healthy forests can we have healthy populations. And it is that the forests provide nutritious food, medicine, fuel to heat houses and cook – thus avoiding diseases caused by the cold and food security – and the physical and mental health of rural and urban populations.

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Origin of the International Day of Forests (DIB) or World Forest Day (DFM)

Also known as World Forestry Day (WFD) it was initially a recommendation of the World Forestry Congress held in Rome in 1969. This recommendation was accepted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in 1971. The day chosen was March 21 , which coincides with the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the southern hemisphere.

Because there is no globally recognized date for holding Arbor Day, as it depends on the natural conditions and traditions of each country, the United Nations General Assembly decides to proclaim1on that same date, March 21 of each year, and since 2013, International Day of Foreststwocarry out activities to commemorate and raise awareness of the fundamental importance of forests for life and for the maintenance of all human activities.


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