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Why are the flies circling in the center of the rooms?

The roundabout of love. As soon as they enter a house, flies have a strange habit: they go around in circles in the center of the rooms. But why do these insects fly like this?

More precisely, this habit is specific to the small house fly (Fannia canicularis), the most common species with the house fly Musca domestica.

These specimens spend their time flying like this, often near ceilings and around an object, such as a lampshade, even when they are turned off, for a very specific reason: to find a sexual partner.

In fact, the males gather in a specific place and perform a kind of nuptial dance to attract the attention of the females. Determined to breed, they can wait for them in circles for hours.

In this way, they are more visible, offer the option to females and the survival of the species is ensured, explains the specialized site. Animalaxy. This is the main explanation, but not the only one.

By adopting such a trajectory, flies are also less likely to be injured when going through a wall or other obstacle in the house, as these little beasts cannot float.

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