A large number of recent deaths from corona in India are those who have not yet been vaccinated against corona.

The revelation was made by the Japanese News Agency, an Indian medical expert told NHS that a large number of recent deaths due to corona were people who had not been vaccinated with corona.

Dr Arun Gupta, head of the Delhi Medical Council, told the news agency that about 70 per cent of the 97 people who died of corona in the capital between January 9 and 12 were unvaccinated.

According to Dr Arun, only 8 out of 97 deaths were fully vaccinated while 19 had only one dose out of 2.

He added that recent results show that vaccines are effective and that it is possible to conclude that vaccines provide protection against serious diseases.

Dr Arun Gupta added that most of the dead were weak or already suffering from various diseases.

He said the hospitalization time due to the new virus, Omi Crohn’s, is currently shorter than in Delta, but the number of people infected with the corona virus is growing again, especially in urban areas.



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