Home Sports Which team won how many Asian Cup games?

Which team won how many Asian Cup games?

Which team won how many Asian Cup games?

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Asian Championship 2023: The stage is once again set for the Asian Cup. The teams have started strategizing against each other. Although all games are important, everyone is waiting for the match in which teams of India and Pakistan will compete. From August 30th on September 2nd Kandy will host the mega match between India and Pakistan. Before this tournament starts, you should also know which team has played so far, how many matches and how many won in this major tournament of Asia, which has been taking place since 1984.

The Asia Cup was established in 1986

India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are the three teams that have played continuously since the Asian Cup’s inaugural season. Although the teams from India and Pakistan did not take part in one season, the game continued. The rest of the teams come after qualifying, so they haven’t played the whole season yet. Bangladesh has also been involved in the Asian Cup since 1986. First, let’s talk about India and Pakistan. Team India has played a total of 49 Asian Cup matches from 1984 to 2018, winning 31 matches. At the same time he suffered a defeat in 16 games. If we talk about the team’s win rate, then the Indian team has recorded a win rate of 65.62 percent.

The figures for the Asian Cup of Pakistan and Sri Lanka look like this

Pakistan has played a total of 45 matches in the first Asian Cup season i.e. from 1984 to 2018 and the team has won 26 matches. At the same time, at the age of 18, he also suffered a defeat. The winning percentage of the team is 59.09. That means Team India won more games by playing more games. At the same time, Sri Lanka have played 50 Asian Cup matches so far, winning 34 and losing 16. The team has a win rate of 68, which is higher than India and Pakistan.

The Nepalese team will participate in the Asian Cup for the first time

When Team India play their first game at Asia Cup 2023 against Pakistan on September 2nd, it will be their 50th game in this tournament, so a historic game. So far only the Sri Lankan team could play 50 games in this tournament. On the other hand, if we talk about Bangladesh, then they came into play in 1986 and have played 43 games so far. The team has won seven games and lost 36. This time, for the first time, the Nepalese team will take part in the Asian Cup and the Indian team will meet the team from their neighboring country for the first time.

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