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Which Crypto Will Rise Next Week – The 5 Best Cryptos To Invest In Right Now

Do you know that meme of the boy with a stick and often the text ‘C’mon do something’? That is how many crypto traders are looking at the market now, not too much has been happening in recent weeks.

Bitcoin is slowly slumping again after the good performance in the first months of 2023 and many other coins are following suit. All in all, the market has dropped back to a total value of $1.1 trillion.

Summer is coming again and that is often a time when the crypto market is under more pressure. A reason for crypto traders to anticipate further declines and to stock up on cryptos that will rise in the near future.

That of course sounds easier than it is, the crypto market is still very volatile and predictions of the direction of certain prices do not always come true. Nevertheless, there are a number of opportunities in the market that can yield you a lot in the near future.

Below we look at the crypto coins that have the best chance of rising in the near future. Later in this article you can read all about the backgrounds of these projects, such as the planned developments and technology of the cryptocurrency.

The 5 Best Cryptos to Invest in Right Now

In this list of 5 best cryptos to invest in now, new crypto coins have been chosen that are available in a presale. These investments carry a risk, but they can also make gains against market sentiment.

If you only have crypto coins in your portfolio that depend on the Bitcoin price, you can have a hard time making a profit in the summer. By putting part of your investments in these coins, you can still make a profit even in bad times.

This is because these coins are often listed immediately after the presale at an exchange and because they still release many developments. Each time this can provide a new boost in the price of the token you bought.

  1. Wall Street Memes (WSM)– The new meme coin from Wall Street Bets
  2. AiDoge (AI) – Generate memes automatically with AiDoge’s AI
  3. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA)– Help prevent pollution and earn crypto
  4. Launchpad XYZ (LPX) – The platform to analyze all Web3 cryptos
  5. yPredict (YPRED) – Always find the best crypto trades with the help of AI

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Top 5 Crypto Risers of the Future – Analysis

Investing in presales is therefore risky and you can reduce that risk as much as possible by doing proper research into the coins. Below you will find some information about the plans for the crypto coins and how the presale is going.

1. Wall Street Memes (WSM) – The new meme coin from Wall Street Bets

Wall Street Memes is a new meme coin based on the community that originated on Reddit. This is the Wall Street Bets community, a subreddit that was responsible for the developments behind the Gamestop shares.

Since then, that community has grown tremendously and more and more people are joining the subreddit. It humorously pokes fun at traditional financial markets and aims to bring power closer to real people.

The meme coin has no direct link to the subreddit, but uses the name and idea of ​​this community.

You can buy WSM in a presale that consists of 30 different phases. In the first phase, the token costs $0.025, while it then rises to $0.0337 over 30 phases.

1 billion of the total 2 billion tokens are offered in a presale and the hard cap of this presale is $30,577,000. A huge hard cap, but given the large community behind Wall Street Memes, things can go quickly.

The Wall Street Memes Twitter account now has 215,000 followers and has already received a reply from Elon Musk. WSM seems to be at the start of a successful 2023.

>>> Now to the presale of Wall Street Memes <<<

2. AiDoge (AI) – Generate memes automatically with AiDoge’s AI

The presale of the moment seems to be that of AiDoge to be. With more than $13.5 million in revenue, investors keep flocking to the website of the brand new crypto project.

You’ll have to be quick though, as there’s only about $1.5 million worth of tokens left in the presale right now. The fact that the presale is moving towards a sale so quickly is probably due to the timing of the presale.

AiDoge was just launched after a lot of buzz in the world about the development of artificial intelligence. In addition, the market of meme coins also took off, which gave AiDoge even more attention.

The AiDoge project comes with a platform on which you can have memes generated by AI. This AI is trained by presenting a dataset of thousands of memes so that it is always able to generate new memes.

You have to pay with credits to generate the memes and those credits can be obtained in one way. For this you have AI tokens of the project and you must stake it, or some of your tokens. You will then receive credits as a reward for staking the AI ​​tokens.

If you want to participate in the presale, go to AiDoge.com, connect a wallet to the platform and choose which coin you want to exchange for the AI ​​tokens. You can choose from Ethereum, UDST or Binance Coin.

>>> Now to the presale of AiDoge <<<

3. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) – Help fight pollution and earn crypto

Ecoterra is one new crypto project that aims to provide a solution to pollution in the world by deploying smart cryptocurrency technologies. For example, they have devised a unique Recycle-to-Earn mechanism that has not been used in the market before.

With Ecoterra you get the chance to earn crypto for all packaging that you recycle properly. This works as follows; in the Ecoterra app you create an account and you can scan all the products you buy.

After consuming these products, you can then recycle the empty packaging at an Ecoterra recycling machine. Because you link the app again, Ecoterra knows which packaging you recycle and they reward you for it.

You receive ECOTERRA tokens, but your stake is also shown on your impact profile. This is a public profile where everyone from all consumers and companies on the app can see how much impact they have already made.

In addition to this Recycle-to-Earn mechanism and the impact profile, Ecoterra also offers a marketplace where CO2 compensation rights can be traded. This way you can use the tokens you earn even better to do something about climate change.

Ecoterra has already closed a number of major collaborations and has opened the door for even more collaborations. They already indicate that their system can be used by companies such as Patagonia, H&M, Coca Cola and more.

$4.2 million worth of tokens have already been sold, so you have to be quick to get the tokens in the presale. You can easily buy the tokens by exchanging Ethereum or USDT for them.

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4. Launchpad XYZ (LPX) – The platform to analyze all Web3 cryptos

Launchpad XYZ is a new platform where you can find all information about new and upcoming Web3 cryptos. You can compare part of the platform with websites like CoinMarketCap, but they also offer much more.

For example, you will find much more information about the projects and they will receive a Launchpad Quotient that indicates how well the project has come out of the analyzes of Launchpad XYZ. With this quotient you have a better overview and you can see even more easily which crypto coins have potential and which do not.

Launchpad XYZ also has its own newsletter in which they give you tips about the best crypto trades of the moment, its own trading terminal and even a decentralized exchange where you can easily trade tokens against each other.

Web3 should be the future of the internet, transforming it into a more decentralized internet where cryptocurrency is used for (micro) transactions. Launchpad XYZ is the place where you can find the latest projects that focus on this.

The Launchpad XYZ (LPX) token gives you access to the different parts of the platform. You can already get these tokens during the presale that is currently underway.

>>> Now to the launchpad XYZ presale <<<

5. yPredict (YPRED) – Always find the best crypto trades with the help of AI

Also yPredict offers you a platform on which you can start trading in cryptocurrency. However, the yPredict platform has an addition that we have not seen before with crypto exchanges or other trading platforms; artificial intelligence.

The AI ​​of yPredict will help you with technical analyses, but can also automatically search crypto prices for certain patterns with which the future of the price can be predicted.

If it finds these patterns, it gives all its members a crypto signal so that they can join in time before the price development takes place. You can do this via the yPredict trading platform itself, so that you can arrange everything in one place.

Here too you need the token itself to be able to take out a subscription to the platform. In addition, you can also lock the YPRED tokens in a staking pool so that you can receive interest on your crypto.

This interest can rise to 46% per year because part of the tokens that yPredict receives from new customers who take out a subscription are distributed among everyone who has put tokens in the pool.

All in all, yPredict comes with a unique product that also seems to be launched at a good time. Right now there is a lot of attention for the possibilities that AI has to offer us and many crypto traders are looking for these types of platforms.

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