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Ubisoft launches free NFTs on Reddit are being claimed at a rapid pace

Ubisoft launches free NFTs on Reddit are being claimed at a rapid pace

The social media platform Reddit yesterday launched a new line in collaboration with Ubisoft NFTs: the Rabbids. The free NFT bunnies are available as a Reddit ‘avatar’ and make many Redditors relive their childhood.

Spice up your profile with Ubisoft Rabbids

The Rabbids are little white bunnies that are part of a large series of games published by Ubisoft. The bunnies are now available in the form of NFTs. Reddit users (Redditors) can claim them by customizing their avatar, or profile picture, and clicking on the available NFTs. A Redditor can claim up to one Rabbid NFT and once they are claimed they can be carried forever.

The Rabbid series consists of six different NFTs. The Rabbids are available as a unicorn, knight, ninja, plumber and traveler, among others. Of the six types of NFTs, only two are left a day later and the remaining two are also being claimed at a rapid pace. So if you want to get one more, you have to be quick. The popularity of the NFTs isn’t just due to how they look; a year ago went a Reddit Avatar NFT for an impressive 18 ETHthe equivalent of $24,000, over the counter.

The success of Reddit NFTs

The rapidly given away Rabbid NFTs are a good reflection of the success Reddit has had with NFTs in recent times. On December 3 last year, the platform reached a all time high when 255,000 new avatar NFTs were given away in one day. With over 9.7 million wallets, when it comes to NFTs, Reddit is bigger than Openseathe largest NFT trading place.

Reddit’s biggest success to date, the “Snoo” NFTs, have a combined market value of around $1,000, according to Dune Analytics. $30,000,000. To date, 13.5 million NFTs have been released, most of them directly to Reddit users. The most expensive available Snoo NFT stands for 175 ETHabout $379,000, for sale.

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