Team India’s star batsman Cheteshwar Pujara is currently trying to regain his lost form. Therefore, he currently plays on behalf of Sex in England. Where he has once again staked his claim to Team India with his performance.

Pujara has scored four centuries in his four matches, of which two are double centuries. During all this, the crowd was Cheteshwar Pujara and on the other hand there was also an exciting battle between Shaheen Shah Afridi from Pakistan. Shaheen is considered one of the best bowlers today.

Pujara is considered one of the great Test batsmen today. At the same time, when the players from India and Pakistan meet face to face, the enthusiasm of the fans increases a lot. In such a situation, a 6-minute video between Pujara and Shaheen Shah was shared on social media. He has all the balls from Shaheen Shah, which he threw at Pujara. During this, he also threw a gorilla at Pujara, which Pujara hit on the upper cut. This shot went over the dividing line.

Pujara has been running out of form for a long time. In such a situation, he has once again achieved his form. He has played four games here so far. In which he has scored four centuries, including two double centuries. In such a situation, there is good news for the India team because after the IPL is over, India has to play a test match in England. In such a situation, the team’s management will also expect a similar performance from him in the future.


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