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WhatsApp will allow you to hide your contact number with this new function

Instant communication platform WhatsApp is experimenting with a new feature for its app that will change the way users identify themselves. Soon, you will have the option to choose your username on this platform.

This novelty will give users a new form of identification other than their contact number. It will be a great option to use in groups where you don’t want all the participants to see your personal contact.

WhatsApp prepares to implement usernames in its app

This novelty was discovered by the WABetainfo publication, always attentive to the designs of the WhatsApp platform. These are faced with this option in version of the beta version of the WhatsApp app for Android.

When browsing the new version of the app, they found a new section in the user profile menu. This news is a strong indication that soon everyone will be able to choose their WhatsApp username.


This option can be found by going to Settings – Profile. In addition to the usual “Name” or “Bio” fields, a “WhatsApp Username” field will also be available, which users will be able to define in yet-to-be-discovered ways.

It is still too early to give details about how this novelty works, but everything points to a new way of identifying WhatsApp. In addition, it will be a new layer of privacy that you can add to your account, being able to hide your contact number from prying eyes.

This will also allow you to add new contacts to your WhatsApp list just by searching for the username. It will no longer be necessary to reveal contact numbers just so they can talk to you on this platform.

Now we are waiting for new details that can clarify the correct functioning of this option. When this news reaches all users, those responsible for WhatsApp will explain in detail how usernames will work in their application.

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