Home Tech WhatsApp takes an important step to fulfill a great desire of users

WhatsApp takes an important step to fulfill a great desire of users

WhatsApp takes an important step to fulfill a great desire of users

Despite the controversies of recent months, WhatsApp continues to be the go-to messaging platform for many. Due to its popularity, many people want more independence of the service from a smartphone.

This goal is now closer thanks to the new feature that WhatsApp is already trying. This will allow users to make full use of the service, on any platform, even without a smartphone nearby.

Currently, it is possible to use WhatsApp on the web and in applications for Windows and Mac, however, this solution still requires a smartphone connected to the network, its content being mirrored on other instances.

From today, this dependence will no longer be an obstacle for mail users. Thanks to WhatsApp’s beta channel, the platform will invite some users to experience data synchronization without the need for a smartphone.

The users will be able to use the same WhatsApp account on up to four other devices other than smartphones. This means that you will be able to communicate with your friends and family on up to five different devices.

The decision to pass this new feature through its beta channel is tied to the need to address any bugs or errors in the service. When all goes well, cross-platform sync will be available worldwide.

This delay in making this functionality available is intrinsically linked to the user’s privacy. It is important to remember that currently, WhatsApp only uses an identification key, stored on the smartphone, to ensure the encryption of all communications.

WhatsApp will now use multiple identification keys to allow full use of its features across different platforms. Each will have their identification key which will allow them to encrypt the communications of their users.

The encryption will cover not only text messages, but also voice and video. This means you won’t have to worry about a spy intercepting your messages, no matter what platform you are using.

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