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WhatsApp is not completely honest in one of its best news

One of the latest innovations implemented in WhatsApp is the possibility of sending images without loss of quality. Available for Android and iOS, this option aims to mitigate the discomfort of some users with the compression that the app usually applies to these files.

However, new reports question the honesty of the platform owned by Meta in this functionality. According to the Livemint publication, WhatsApp continues to compress the photos sent even if the user does not want to.

WhatsApp continues to compress images against the wishes of users

To frame this news, it is important to clarify how the novelty recently implemented in WhatsApp works. If you use the latest version of the application, you will find the option to choose the quality of the images you send.


To do this, the user must access Settings – Storage and data – Quality for sending photos. There you will have three options to choose from: automatic, better quality or data saving.

The first option makes WhatsApp send your photos in original quality as long as your smartphone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. The second will always send your photos in their original quality, while the latter will send compressed files so as not to sacrifice the data plan of the users.

Tests carried out by the Livemint publication reveal that even with the “best quality” option active, WhatsApp still implements some type of compression on the images sent. Something that goes against what was expected of this feature.

This behavior thus deceives less attentive users and some already see it as disloyalty on the part of WhatsApp. After all, the app continues to do something it set out not to do.

The hope is that those responsible for WhatsApp can solve this “problem” quickly. If they promise to send photos without loss of quality, then they must honor that commitment.

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