What Will Bitcoin Do in June – We Asked ChatGPT and Analysts and Here’s the Verdict + The Best Bitcoin Alternatives

With a market value of more than $500 billion, Bitcoin is still by far the most valuable cryptocurrency on the market. Although the price has been fluctuating around $27,000 for a while, many still see Bitcoin as an excellent investment.

However, for the crypto trader who does not feel like holding the coins for years, it is more interesting to see what Bitcoin will do in the near future. that’s why we asked ChatGPT and analysts what Bitcoin will do in June.

What will Bitcoin do in June?

The price of Bitcoin fell below $28,000 in early May and has not risen above it with the exception of two brief moments. The entire market seems to have reached an impasse in which the prices do not show any major movements.

No major market developments are expected for the month of June and ChatGPT and analysts are also cautious with their predictions. It could very well be that towards the summer the crypto market will slowly sink.

The summer months are traditionally tougher for cryptocurrencies that have been around longer as trading activity slows down. To protect yourself against this, however, you can make some adjustments to your portfolio.

That is why we discuss below some of the best Bitcoin alternatives for June and the following months.

Best Bitcoin Alternatives

With these alternatives to Bitcoin, it has been chosen to stay far away from Bitcoin. These are brand new tokens, each with a different function and underlying idea, so that you can put together a well-diverse portfolio.

In fact, the tokens are so new that they are all still available in a presale. This has several advantages for you; you buy the tokens cheaper and you are already in possession of the tokens when they are first listed.

Furthermore, a presale ensures that no real price can arise based on supply and demand. This allows you to get through the coming month relatively risk-free and the value of these investments remains the same, or even increases slightly, depending on the structure of the presale.

  1. Wall Street Memes (WSM) – Latest meme coin with impressive community
  2. Launchpad.xyz (LPX) – Trading platform with newsletter and own DEX
  3. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) – Sustainable crypto with a large group of investors

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Best Bitcoin Alternatives – Analysis

Just investing in a presale is not wise, because you do take a risk. Not every crypto project knows how to increase in value after the launch as soon as the presale ends, so you have to make your own assessment of which projects have the best chance of this.

Below you will find more information about the best Bitcoin alternatives so that you can make an informed choice between the projects.

Wall Street Memes is a real meme coin like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. It offers no real function, but builds on a strong community that has brought it together online over the years.

That community follows Wall Street Memes on various social channels such as Twitter and Instagram. Funny pictures are shared there that look at Wall Street and traditional markets as stocks with an ironic look.

With this, it managed to build up a total of more than 1 million followers over the past few years and, for example, also sold out an NFT collection in no time. Now it has one too meme coin launched and wants to raise as much money as possible in the presale.

That is already working out nicely, in the first days the project already raised more than $ 2 million and for the time being the speed at which the tokens are sold only seems to increase.

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With this meme coin it is therefore not important what the underlying idea of ​​the project is, but what matters is the hype that arises. If it persists or even increases when the token is listed on an exchange, the price can rise immediately.

By participating in the presale of Wall Street Memes now you can take maximum advantage of this opportunity. You now pay $0.0262 per token while the WSM token will be listed for a minimum of $0.0337.

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2. Launchpad.xyz (LPX) – Trading platform with newsletter and own DEX

The average crypto trader has dozens of tabs open with different sites and platforms where you can analyze crypto prices and where you can trade. That has become superfluous with the arrival of Launchpad.xyz; you can now find everything on 1 platform.

Launchpad.xyz gives you an overview of the market with a list of all crypto projects and offers you the chance to invest in them directly via the trading platform or their own decentralized exchange that they offer.

An important part of the platform will be Trading Edge, a newsletter where you gain insight into the market, but also find the best trading setups from experienced crypto traders.

Launchpad.xyz wants to simplify access to Web3, a new internet that makes much more use of cryptocurrency technology, for everyone. With launchpad.xyz you therefore get all the tools you need to move in this sector.

Think of your own wallet that you can link to various applications and websites, an NFT platform and the gaming hub. All these extras are mentioned in the roadmap, where developments are planned until the end of 2024.

The Launchpad.xyz presale is currently underway and you can be one of the first to buy the tokens through the platform itself. More than $800,000 has been raised so far, putting it in one of the early, and most affordable, stages of the presale.

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3. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) – Sustainable crypto with already a large group of investors

Bitcoin is the most polluting cryptocurrency on the market due to its Proof-of-Work mechanism that takes a lot of mining power. For this reason, crypto traders are increasingly ignoring the currency and are looking for sustainable alternatives.

Ecoterra is one such alternative that has received a lot of attention from this group of crypto traders. It has not stopped at attention, because the project has already raised more than $ 4 million in the presale.

The plans for the project are grand, but also seem to be coming true to a large extent. Ecoterra is currently developing an app with a Recycle-to-Earn mechanism so that you can earn crypto by committing to pollution.

In addition, it comes sustainable crypto project also with a marketplace on which CO2 rights (carbon credits) can be traded and connects major brands to its platform. These major brands are given their own profile that shows their impact.

This impact is based on the extent to which companies, but also consumers, are committed to preventing or combating pollution.

The ECOTERRA tokens are therefore already very popular, but will still be available in a presale for a while. You now pay $0.0085 per token, but that price will increase to $0.00925 in the next phase until the token will finally be listed for $0.01.

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