What is the use of Saddam Hussein’s luxury boat today?

Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s expensive and luxurious boat, which he never got to ride, still floats in the river and has become a recreational spot for fishermen.

According to foreign media, the special precious and luxurious boat named “Al-Mansour” built for former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is in the river of Basra, Iraq, which has now become a place of entertainment for local fishermen.

According to reports, this boat, which has been standing in the river for years, has rusted and local fishermen spend their free time drinking tea, chatting and having fun on its rusty wreckage.

This boat was built in 1980 in Denmark. It has a seating capacity of 200 guests and a helipad was also built in it.

Local fisherman Hussain Sabahi while talking to foreign media said that when this boat was owned by the former president, no one came near it, I don’t believe that it belongs to Saddam Hussein, now I walk on it.

According to foreign media, this boat was also targeted by American forces, besides, during the riots, the chandeliers and furniture in it were looted.

According to foreign media, Saddam Hussein owns 3 boats, one of which has been converted into a hotel in Basra, while another boat is used as a marine science research center.

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