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What is the strongest and worst passport for the year 2022, Pakistan?


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Is Pakistani passport being counted among the 4 worst passports in the world for the year 2022?

The answer is yes, for 2022 For the third year in a row, Pakistani passport has been included in the worst passport.

It should be noted that Pakistanis have the facility of visa free or visa on arrival in 31 places of the world.

Of The News According to the Hanley Passport Index, which ranks passports worldwide, Pakistan ranks 108th.

The Hanley Passport Index, owned by Hanley & Partners firms, has been monitoring passports since 2006 that are the best in the world for travel.

According to the report, travel restrictions imposed around the world due to Code 19 have created a huge gap in the index in its 16-year history.

According to the index, the passports of Japan and Singapore have visa-free entry facility at 192 places, while Afghanistan has the facility of entry under advance visa in only 26 countries.

Further down in the index, Japan and Singapore (visa facility at 192 places) are first, Germany and South Korea (visa facility at 190 places) are second, Finland, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg (189) are third. It is followed by Austria, Denmark, France, the Netherlands and Sweden (188).

On the other hand, North Korea (39) with 104, Nepal and Palestine (37) with 105, Somalia (34) with 106, Yemen (33) with 107, Pakistan (31) with 104 with the list of worst passports in the world. It is followed by Syria (29), Iraq (28) and Afghanistan (26) at 111.


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