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What is being made of Hitler’s house?

What is being made of Hitler's house?

Adolf Hitler’s house, known worldwide for genocide, is being converted into a training center for police officers.

According to foreign media, the Austrian government has announced that the house of Adolf Hitler, famous throughout the world for genocide in the middle of the last century, will be turned into a training center for police officers.

The said house in a room of which Hitler was born in 1889. The decision to convert the building into a police training center for human rights was taken after a long discussion that also took into account suggestions received from various groups.

Austrian broadcaster ORF reports that the police force will have possession of the renovated premises by next year, and construction work to convert the house into a police training center is expected to begin in the fall. The project is expected to be completed by 2025.

Some Austrians have advocated demolishing the house to prevent it from becoming a gathering place for neo-Nazis, but critics believe such action would be tantamount to denying Austria’s past.

During the Nazi regime, the house was turned into a memorial to Adolf Hitler, after which many tourists were drawn to the city. But as the Nazis began to lose control here in 1944, the Austrian government leased it from former owner Garland Pomer to use it as a day care center for the needy in order to curb tourist traffic. had started

Later in 2016, the Austrian government allowed the property to be seized from Garland Pomer under a new law in exchange for compensation of more than £694,000, and now the Austrian Ministry of the Interior has returned the 17th-century house to a police station three years later. and has announced plans to convert it into a police training centre.

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