The struggle between the positioning of web pages in Google. There are many companies that do not know how to accurately manage SEO to position their website well. If there is no good SEO, there is no good positioning in Google, and, with it, less traffic. That is why every year Google makes changes to the algorithms of its engine. What will be the new trends that will enter this 2022?

  1. Responsive Websites or Responsive Design

It is the correct way to display a website on smartphone screens. It is also known as responsive design. If a person enters a web page through a mobile phone, and it is only adapted to a computer screen, it will be much more difficult for them to see the content. In addition, it is no longer just for convenience, but can attract more users. Therefore, the higher the traffic, the higher the profits.

  1. Create content that grabs attention

If you do not offer users really interesting content, you will never be able to get the expected visits. There are many companies that hire agencies that help to know what a user is looking for on a platform. Google takes into account the content quality for the user on your site and it ranks better if the content is valuable.

  1. Security

Google will emphasize security by implementing a ssl-certificate (Secure Socket Layer). It is a digital title that authenticates the identity of a website and encrypts with SSL technology to protect information from potential cybercriminals.

Cyber-attacks provoked on web pages have been increasing more and more over time. That is why the company has decided to improve and expand security, and, with it, eliminate the fear of the creators of the web pages to be hacked.

  1. Voice search

Voice search was already applied for the first time in 2019 through Google Assistant. However, Google has decided to go a step further and improve its service. The fact of speaking to a device and that it responds to you in such a coherent way, gives rise to large part of the population trusts more and more in this trend. So it can be seen that will continue to grow over the years.

These tools will be strengthened in 2022 with the aim of improving SEO. This will cause aIncrease in visits to web pages, and, with it, an increase in traffic. But of course, not only is it enough to have a good SEO, you also have to have enthusiasm and be constant and creative in the published content.


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