What are the most valuable teams that advanced to the 2023 NFL Playoffs?

What are the most valuable teams that advanced to the 2023 NFL Playoffs?

We already took a look at the fortunes of the owners of the teams that managed to qualify the wild card of the NFL Playoffs 2023.

Now it’s time to take a look at the value of the teams in the nfl.

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Who make up the Top 5 most valuable teams?

Agree Forbesthe top with the most valuable is made up of:

  • dallas cowboys
  • New England Patriots
  • los angeles rams
  • new york giants
  • chicago bears

Each team can exploit its brand, as well as its stadiums in order to increase revenue per sponsorships and the events that they get to do outside the nfltherefore they can increase its value even more.

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What is the value of the teams qualified for the playoffs?

The dallas cowboyshave been at the top of the most valuable in the nfl for fourteen consecutive years, with a value of 8 billion dollars; further They are the most valuable team in all sports..

The team of Dallas was the first team to generate more than a billion dollars in revenuelargely because of the sponsorships they were able to sign.

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In 2021, the Cowboys raked in just over $220 million in advertising and sponsorship revenue just at the stadium.this is more than double that of any other team.

This is the position held by the 14 teams Among the 32 that make up the league:

  • one. dallas cowboys: 8 billion dollars / Jerry Jonesowner
  • Four. new york giants: 6 billion dollars / john mara Y Steven Tischowners
  • 8. san francisco 49ers: 5.2 billion dollars / Denise DeBartolo York owner
  • 10. Philadelphia Eagles: 4.9 billion dollars / Jeffrey Lurieowner
  • 13. Miami Dolphins: 4.6 billion dollars / Stephen Rossowner
  • 14. seattle seahawks: 4.5 billion dollars / jody allenowner
  • 18. Minnesota Vikings: 3.935 billion dollars / Zygmunt Wilfowner
  • 19. Baltimore Ravens: 3.9 billion dollars / Steve Bisciottiowner
  • twenty. Los Angeles Chargers: 3.875 billion dollars / Dean Spanosowners
  • 23. Kansas City Chiefs: 3.7 billion dollars / Hunt Familyowners
  • 24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 3.675 billion dollars / Glazer Familyowners
  • 28. Jacksonville Jaguars: $3.475 billion / Shad Khan, owner
  • 29. buffalo bills: $3.4 billion / Terry and Kim Pegula, owners
  • 32. cincinnati bengals: $3 billion / Michael Brown, owner

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