Weir guides Real Madrid to their historic first final

History that you made, history to be made. She has done it in the semifinals. She can do it in the final. That’s why Caroline Weir came to Real Madrid. the scottish footballer wrote the first great episode in the history of the women’s team white with a double that, accompanied by goals from Toletti and Athenea, served to that theirs fight to raise the Copa de la Reina. Athletic was no match for a merengue team that did not stop attacking even when Toril began to save strength for the Madrid derby that will decide who wins the KO tournament.

Athenea announced at a press conference that they were all available and Toril drew his eleven gala to go for the first final in the history of the women’s section of Real Madrid. Ivana teamed up with Kathellen, Olga Carmona was chosen on the left side and Zornoza and Toletti in the middle. In attack, as expected: the aforementioned Cantabrian winger on the right, Weir playing attacking midfielder, Linda on the left and Feller on top. Athletic, with the defense in the square, came out with Zubieta and Valdezate as central defenders, but soon the lanky Basque defense had to leave the field of play, in tears, due to injury. By then (18 ‘) the semifinal had already turned uphill for the lionesses. Zornoza searched between the lines for Weir and the Scotsman performed great control to beat Quiñones with a beautifully crafted Vaseline. It could not be another that opened the path to glory for the white team. It was the twenty-seventh goal for Real Madrid’s 11 this season. It would not be the last.

The rojiblancas, with their youth at the forefront with Amezaga, Arana and Pinedo, barely touched the ball. Toletti, on the contrary, moved it with his characteristic intelligence. Linda Caicedo was about to make it 0-2, but her shot crashed into the wood. No matter how much the lionesses dwindled, the difference between the two teams was increasingly evident and Madrid galloped to the rhythm of its great star. tacatá tacatá tacatá. Weir appeared on the right, put in a cross that was almost impossible to finish off and Toletti was there to send the leather into the net with an excellent shot. The smell of the Madrid derby in the final was already permeating the Butarque stadium. And Athenea finished uncovering the bottle of perfume in minute 40′ by making it 0-3 after an excellent assist from Feller. Time seems to have proved Toril right with his forwards.

to think about the end

As it happened with Atlético on Tuesday, the rest time brought with it a double change in the team that clearly commanded on the scoreboard. Moller and Oroz replaced Feller and Athenea and Real Madrid continued with the same desire to win as before. In fact, on his first arrival in the Athletic area He made it 0-4 on the Butarque scoreboard through, yes, Weir. His game was being as sweet as ever. Iturregi put soda people in. Oihane Hernández, who will surely wear white next season, He delayed his position to give a better performance on the side, Itxaso destroyed and tried to build, but the lionesses did not give for more.

The game was stopped for six minutes while a person received medical attention in the stands. Evacuated on a stretcher, she received an ovation from a mostly white crowd that sang “This is how Madrid wins” shortly after. This is how his Madrid won, with a new exhibition by Caroline Weir, the one in charge of writing the history of his first final. On Saturday there is a derby.

Athletic Women’s Club

Real Madrid Women


Anne Azkona (18′, Oihane Valdezate), Itxaso Uriarte (45′, Mariana Cerro), Maite Oroz (45′, Athenea del Castillo), Caroline Moller (45′, Naomie Feller), sofie svava (54′, Claudia Zornoza), Teresa Abelleira (54′, Caroline Weir), nekane diez (67′, Irene Oguiza), Peke (67′, Jone Amezaga), nahikari garcia (72′, Linda Caicedo), Ane Elexpuru (91′, Paula Arana)


0-1, 7′: Caroline Weir0-2, 26′: sandie toletti0-3, 40′: Athena del Castillo0-4, 46′: Caroline Weir


Referee: Maria Eugenia Gil Soriano
Paula Arana (29′,Yellow) Irene Oguiza (31′,Yellow) Claudia Zornoza (48′,Yellow) Linda Caicedo (70′,Yellow)

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